mercredi 28 mars 2007

Deux ans

Well, it is looking more or less official that IARC is offering me the second year of the postdoc. And similarly, it is looking more or less official that I am taking it. What can I say. I like it here, and I have no real desire to go back to the US and deal with 80-hour workweeks. It is just a more pleasant working environment here.

In other excitement, I won 11 euros at poker tonight. YAY!!

Spring has sprung. After the bizarre weather of last week, where it got chilly and we had at least 2 hailstorms, it has been sunny and in the 60s for the last 2 days.

I am getting ready for my next houseguest. Mark arrives on Saturday. I am not sure what exactly we will be doing while he is here next week?? He seems to have purchased an enormous Rhône-Alpes guidebook and perhaps hasn't quite managed to fight his way through it. But I am hoping to hit some nightclubs on Saturday. Lyon is not exactly known for its clubbing scene, but I am hoping we can make the best of it.

3 commentaires:

Leah a dit…

You're becoming quite the poker player : ) I'm thrilled to hear that you're probably staying an extra year...hopefully that means that one of your visitors next year will be from Alabama!!

Katherine a dit…

Congratulations on the second year... I'm glad things are going well.

Thanks for the bday gift!!

Laurel a dit…

Can I come visit again?!! I like your medieval turret. It's very cozy.