samedi 17 mars 2007

Rampaging prudes

I read a news report yesterday that said that the Vigeland sculpture park that Mark and I visited in Oslo was struck by vandals. These were vandals of the morality police variety, as what they did was to cover up the genitals of the statues with black pieces of paper. They left a note saying "There is too much nudity in newspapers and magazines, so here on the bridge the limit has been reached!" How strange and un-scandanavian!

Here is a picture of the statues that Mark took. As you can see, the statues are extremely tame, generally shown just standing around in different poses, and there are many of children playing together. I just don't get it.

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Katherine a dit…

Sacramento had a similar problem in 2000 with a bunch of Christian home-schoolers who were attending a conference at the Sac Convention Center, which has a nude statue of Poseidon out front. The home-schoolers brought some clothes to put on the statue. Lame.