mercredi 21 mars 2007

French efficiency

My home phone number just started working 2 days ago. When I signed up for the plan I was supposed to get free calls to the US, but Amir, who uses the same company, FreeBox, said he is being charged-- it crossed my mind that maybe we would be charged for calls to cell phones? I don't really get it. When I figure it out, I will start making many calls! My number is country code (33) 9 54 09 20 97.

Yesterday morning at work we had a fire drill. Of course, nearly the entire 3rd floor was up in the cafeteria on the 12th floor having our morning coffee break. Apparently they only have one every 2 years, because after walking downstairs and shuffling into the auditorium-- not exactly the safest place to be during a fire as it has only one exit-- we ended up standing around for an hour. The pompiers (firemen) arrived in their splendiferous, spotless outfits and chit-chatted with the IARC fire marshals over a map of fire exits. I was unclear why we needed to be there for an hour, but mostly was a little bit sad I hadn't gotten my coffee 5 minutes earlier.

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