dimanche 4 mars 2007

Food markets

Every Sunday I get my groceries at the food market just on the other side of the Saone. It is a sight to behold. The market is big and crowded and everything that comes from the earth is for sale: besides fruits and veggies, they have cheeses, meat and sausage, bread and pastries, flowers, fruits de mer, spices, wine, oils, vinegar. Plus the proprietors are all shouting, "Mesdames Messieurs, Bonjour!" "Pains de la compagne! Allez! Allez! Allez!"

I got some salade and cilandre here today.
I got some amandes from this woman, who said I could take a picture but I guess didn't want to actually be in it.
A large chevre selection.

Mysterious black root vegetables. Does anyone know what they are?

There are always several people out roasting chicken.

And my fave stand is Senor Carlos's, who has been en vacances for 2 months in Chile-- que lastima!-- but has finally returned so I can have my weekly empanada. His happy customers were not waiting to get home but were chowing down immediately. Yum yum!

4 commentaires:

Mark J. a dit…

That market looks tres belle et superbe!

Empanadas--I know you are having Latin food nostalgia. I totally did that in Berlin. One day when I wanted to indulge in homesickness I went to the one good Mexican place I knew of for dinner and then dancing at a club that was having an R&B night called 'Bootylicious' ;)

Katherine a dit…

Wow, that looks great!

Are the black ones a kind of radish? It looks like the sign says "Radis Noir" or something like that.

Julia a dit…

Yeah, my dictionary says "Black Radish." They are rather frightening in person, being the size of a potato. Guess I should try one:


Laurel a dit…

Ahh...la retour de Senor Carlos.....On peut gouter les "raisins" :)