mardi 22 janvier 2008


A group of my coworkers were going to Porto this weekend so I went along. Here are some photos.

Here is the main square, La Praça da Liberdade.Portugal seems to be enamored of elaborate tilework, which is often in blue. Elisabeth, whose family is from Porto, advised we check out this bookstore, la librarie Lello e Irmão. It was gorgeous inside.We took a walking tour of the older part of town. This is the Rua da Flores.Porto had many baroque and Rococo churches. This is the old cathedral, which was Romanesque. This is the Praça da Ribeira square along the riverfront. A view of the riverfront from the bridge, which was called the Ponte de Dom Luis I. The bridge.

We were wandering around and we came upon a market where the only thing being sold was birds and bird-related accoutrements. Do the Portuguese love their birds? Au revoir~

mardi 15 janvier 2008

Blogging slacker

I have been a little slack in the blogging department of late. The post-holiday time has been rather uneventful, just working and getting back into the swing of everything. The sales started last week and I picked lots of fabulous snowboarding equipment! I'm psyched about that. I even got the piece that James has been pushing me to pick up: the butt padding tights. My buns will thank me!

This weekend I am off to Porto. I hope everyone is having a good January!

samedi 5 janvier 2008

Congratulations Jon and Zoe!

This came from Jon a few days ago:
I am delighted to announce that Eric Stephen Wakefield was born at 4.25pm on
Friday 28th December, weighing in at 8 pounds. Eric and Zoe are both doing fine.

With very best wishes
Glad all is well. I'm looking forward to seeing photos!