samedi 17 mars 2007

Radis noire

After pooh-poohing the radis noire as strange and unappetizing looking in a previous post, I decided to try it after reading this review on They recommend eating it sliced thinly on a baguette with butter and salt. So I gave it a shot.

Here it is, in all of its large, black, and hairy glory. Hungry yet? For size comparison, the baguette and a pen.

And here it is sliced and on a little piece of baguette. It certainly doesn't look like a radish, but it tastes like one. It has a cool, tart flavor that goes well with the butter. Who knew?

1 commentaire:

Laurel a dit…

You are a brave soul. The radis noire looks a bit scary. Perhaps even a bit...oh it's too obvious Julia. ;)