mercredi 14 mars 2007


I lost big at at this week's poker game: I ended down 6 euros. Everything that I had was beat. I had a pair of aces and someone else had 3 of a kind.... I had 2 pair and someone else had a flush... there was no winning tonight. For me, that is. For everyone else, plenty of winning. Oh well. Cyril won 3 euros, Sean 1, Amy 2. Although Amy always wins something.

It was at my house too, so at least the pizza was good. Pizza is generally crap in Lyon but I happen to live across the street from a place that won the "best pizza in Lyon" award. Which is to say that it still isnt great, but it is at least edible. I didn't try the pizza at this place, Baduila, for months, because I thought it was a sports bar, as there are always people sitting out front shouting at the televison during some Olympic Lyonnais game or other such event of "le foot". I didnt realize for a long time that they actually served food.

This week at work we have had a tobacco meeting, regarding putting together a monograph on measurement of tobacco use, policies, and dependence. I have been sitting in because my boss assigned me to work on a survey of women's views of smoking and health across 5 European countries that are in different stages of passing smoke-free legislation in restaurants and bars. Anyhow, I have been noticing that the meeting participants have been sneaking peeks at their brackets instead of listening to speakers. Tarheels all the way, people!

Amy sent me some pics of me boarding, when we went a few weeks back. Here they are:

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