dimanche 19 novembre 2006

Trip to Oslo

Mark sent me photos that he took of us in Oslo, when we went last month.

The Munch museum.

Isben and Munch's graves. Apparently Munch was known as the handsomest man in Norway.

At the Vigeland Sculpture Park. Vigeland spent his entire life making sculptures for this park.

At the Viking ship museum.

Hiking in the woods near the Holmenkollen ski jump. It was quite foggy.

Starting a blog

So I thought I'd start a blog, mostly because I am not much of a journal-writer; and I have a terrible memory, but I'd like to keep track of all the places I go and people that I meet here. Unfortunately I still do not have home internet access which will limit the postings for the time being! We'll see if I get the hang of this...