samedi 24 mars 2007

Carnaval de Saint Georges

This afternoon was the annual Carnaval de Saint Georges, and Amy asked me if I wanted to go check it out. Saint Georges is one of the three cathedrals in Vieux Lyon. I haven't been in it before; outside Saint Georges is a construction site where they are building a park, and I have just never poked around. Unfortunately today was cool and drizzly, so the festival doings were pretty much a non-event, but they did still hold the parade. It was fun. We marched along with the group for a while. People in the parade and the spectators threw confetti on each other.

The theme of this year's festival was 'Neighborhood and Construction Site'. So some parents dressed their children up as traffic signs.
Here are some children dressed as traffic cones along with a Guignol character.
The marching band dressed as construction workers.

2 commentaires:

Katherine a dit…

Wow! Elaborate costumes!

Laurel a dit…

Adorable, i love the kids dressed as traffic cones.