jeudi 8 mars 2007


Last night I went to see a French singer, Vincent Delerm. He is a piano-playing pop chanteur. It was a fun show but the only thing that I didn't like was that he had 5 encores-- he may have had more, but I left during the 5th. Frankly, I believe in 2 encores only, maybe 3 max. I think even if the Beatles reunited and John and George came back from the dead, I would only want 2 encores. There ain't nobody I want to see come back 5 times.

Mot nouveau: épicée = spicy. Food here is not spicy. The French do richness instead of spices. Which is not a problem, except when enjoying Asian cuisines, which seem rather bland to me. This word should come in handy. Trés epicée, s'il vous plait.

Tonight I am packing for the annual Gene-Environment Epidemiology Group weekend ski trip to Bardonecchia, in the Italian Alps. I'm excited! Paolo made us a reservation at a pizza place on Saturday night which involves a 1-hour hike through the mountains in the dark. It is supposedly an easy walk, but pitch black, so hopefully someone will have an extra flashlight. I am excited to have some good Italian food too.

2 commentaires:

Leah a dit…

Hope you have a fabulous ski weekend...your encore comments made me laugh so hard water came out of my nose. : ) I'm really enjoying reading your blog!

Katherine a dit…

5 encores? WTF?