lundi 19 mars 2007

More boarding, bien sur

Yes, I went boarding on Sunday-- again! I figured it was one of the last weekends of the season. Of all of the places that the Lyon daytrip buses go to, we picked the spot that was the highest elevation, which was Tignes, in the Val d'Isere region. It was a long drive though, over 3 hours. However, there was actual, genuine non-manmade snow there, even ambient snow sitting on the sides of the road and everything. Mon dieu! Here are some pics.

This picture was from the summit. I went up in the funiculaire to take pictures. it was extremely windy up there.

On the way out of town, we drove by Tignes' lake, the Lac du Chevril. Lake of Parsley? Say what?

2 commentaires:

Katherine a dit…

Beautiful. How far away is that from you?

Julia a dit…

I'm not sure, maybe 90 miles or something? It is due east towards the Italian border, but took a while to get there up twisty mountain roads.