jeudi 1 mars 2007

The only good thing to ever come out of Leicester

I went to see Kasabian play last night. Isn't this guy pretty?

It was a great show! They played at Ninkasi, a tiny little club here in town, which is a great place to see a band because you are always so close to the stage. They were really energetic--they have taken to the role of rock stars like naturals, preening and strutting around, and holding the mike out to the audience so everyone would sing along. They're all set to become an arena rock band.

I was amused that they didnt even try to speak French, but just yapped at the audience in English. There was one mangled 'Merci Beaucoup' with such a heavy accent I could barely understand it. At any rate, it was fun. My friend Jon says that they are the only good thing to ever come out of Leicester, and he himself is from Leicester, so I guess he would know.

The excitement at my office this week is that we got a espresso machine. We got the brand that George Clooney is hawking in ads here, Nespresso. Well, if it is good enough for George Clooney, it is good enough for us.

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