mercredi 4 avril 2007

Bienvenue, Mark!

Mark arrived on Saturday. Sorry Leah, he is my first visitor from Alabama! Alabama by way of Philly, anyway.
We have been keeping busy, eating out and going for drinks and generally seeing the town. We walked around the city on Sunday and I saw some sights that were new for me-- Mark's Rhone-Alpes guidebook is quite thorough. I learned that the Cathedral St Jean has a lot of statues that the Protestants knocked the heads off of, back in the day. Those naughty Protestants! And it has a medieval clock that I hadn't noticed before which toots on the hour and a little statue of Jesus sticks his head out and waves. Also, the figurines dance and the rooster on top waves its' wings.Here is a worm's eye view of the Fourviere Cathedral.

Here I am on my stairs. All my visitors are amazed by the stairs. They are pretty steep, I have to admit.
Mark's guidebook also knows about a long traboule in my neighborhood which connects 4 houses. A traboule is a passageway that goes through the old buildings in Lyon, often connecting 2 streets. They were originally built to provide walkways to carry the silk around while keeping it out of the rain, but I believe were later used for more nefarious purposes, and supposedly used during the Resistance. Here is a traboule. They often open up into courtyards that are on the inside of buildings.

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Leah a dit…

Tell my fellow Alabamian, Hi! Looks like you guys are having a great time! : )