mardi 5 août 2008

Skye day two

The next day was rather rainy. Ah, Scotland. We went for a drive along the west coast of the island; the route there featured miles of one-lane roads with little 'passing places' for you to get around the other cars. This was not B's favorite driving experience.Plus, the roads are full of sheep. Baaa!We stopped to look at an ancient broch, Dun Beag.
Here is what Dun Beag looks like now.
And since there was no other rainy day thing to do there, we toured another distillery, Talisker. The second time around I think I actually began to grasp the distilling process. Talisker whisky was pretty good, too.

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Leah McDonald a dit…

I'm still enjoying reading about your travels! Scotland looked beautiful...I feel like I'm traveling the world with you : )!