vendredi 8 août 2008

Adieu Scotland

The rest of the trip was considerably less eventful. We drove south that night, heading towards Glasgow, and we stayed overnight in a place in the town of Tarbet, along Loch Lomond. We didn't spend much time there because we had to get up and return the rental car the next morning in Glasgow, but we did walk over to the Loch to have a look, and we had a drink in a hotel pub.

Here are the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

We didn't have all that much time in Glasgow, but it seemed like a very cool city, with a happening downtown with lots of cool restos and pubs and a good music scene. We stayed at this hotel which was very nice and central.

We did take a walking tour of merchant city and check out the cathedral.
B's flight was out early the next day, but I had a little more time, so I went to look for Macintosh architecture. Here is the Glasgow School of Art, which Macintosh designed.
Here was another Macintosh building. All in all, I think that I could totally live in Glasgow. It was a groovy city.

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Katherine a dit…

Interesting. I wonder if Glasgow has turned around quite a bit in the past decade. When we lived there we heard it wasn't worth going to.