mercredi 20 août 2008


I went to see a couple of shows this summer at the Nuits des Fourvieres, Lyon's series of summer concerts in the old Roman amphitheater. First I saw Leonard Cohen, who was looking extremely elderly but could really rock out. I hadn't realized he ever toured at all-- I thought he lived on some ashram with his Yogi? Maybe he needed a new temple built so decided another tour was in order. At any rate, he did put on a great show.

They ban cameras in there so here were some cell phone shots--
LC is in this pic somewhere, not particularly visible.

Then the last show that I saw was a bunch of Brazilian artists. The first performer, Maya Andrade, was a very good jazz chanteuse. But it was the second act, Barbatuques, was the most interesting of all. They make music not with traditional instruments, but by clapping their hands, slapping their bodies, and stomping their feet. they also sing, but the songs were not always speech; sometimes they would just make rhythmic sounds. They also got lots of audience participation, with different sections clapping at different times to make the music as well. It was fun and a really unique show. Below is an example of their oeuvre from youtube.

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