mardi 12 août 2008

Day trip to Annecy

I think I'm having un peu de jealousy of all of my French coworkers who are en vacances right now. I feel like I should be getting out of town every weekend and heading down to the coast. So last weekend B suggested a day trip to Annecy, a town in the mountains, and I totally jumped for the chance. I went there before in winter, when it was bone-chilling cold and fairly deserted. This time of year, it was full of people out walking by the lake, playing putt-putt or resting in the shade. I was interested in some putt-putt action but we decided against standing in the hot sun for 90 minutes, so we ended up just wandering around and eating some ice cream.

You have to go through a mountain pass or two to get to Annecy.
B read my New Yorker en route.
There were lots of boat rental options.
The water was very clear.
Here was a view from the cafe where we stopped for a drink. There was lots o' good people watching.
We had to take this picture because the awning says, 'the epi of gold.' huh??? Epi actually means part of a piece of wheat, where it bursts out. It also means the same thing as cowlick.

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