jeudi 28 août 2008


The last few days have been a bit stressful. The formal end of my work contract is around Sept 18th or so. My boss had put in a request for a 3-month extension for both me and another postdoc in my department, and sent all the necessary paperwork to the powers that be, assuming it would not be a problem. But the director of my agency was not to be satisfied, and he demanded more justification for it. So my boss dutifully filled out more information, but this being August in France, everyone promptly left for vacation, including the director. So now I have been waiting for almost a month to find out if I will be in France past mid-September.

There is back story on this, because the director of the agency recently did not have his own contract renewed, which people say he is angry about; people tell me that he just wants to f* up the agency as much as possible before he leaves the job. He doesn't know either me or the other postdoc at all; I have never had a conversation with him, ever.

This is so annoying... hello, people, if I am leaving I would need to be packing up my apartment right now!!! Plus, I have been dodging my landlord for the past 2 weeks who wants me to sign the renewal of my lease. The secretary at work called my landlord yesterday and told her that I was sick, so we could put her off another few days.

So I continue to wait.

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Suburban Gorgon a dit…

Argh! That is so frustrating!