vendredi 1 août 2008

Scotland continued

The next day was our long driving day. Have I mentioned that we rented a car for a week? It turned out to be cheaper vis-a-vis the insurance to have only 1 person do the driving, so B drove all week long on the wrong side of the road. The first hour getting out of Edinburgh was the most stressful. I thought he was going to have an anxiety attack, or perhaps give me one. After that it wasn't so bad, although every now and then we had to dodge the other tourists on the road who would forget which way to look or were creeping over to the right side.

The Scots appear to be fond of road signs in general. They have put signs up, when you pull out of any tourist spot, which say, "Drive on the left. Conduisez a gauche." etc, etc in several other languages as well; they are no fools. There are also other signs telling you to drive a safe speed, don't follow too close, gas up, "Tiredness can kill," yadda yadda. After a week it all seemed a little tiresome. I'm used to France where people aren't bossy.

We missed the turn on the highway out of Pitlochry and ended up driving through Inverness. But the countryside was gorgeous, and even though it was our longest driving day, we saw such beautiful scenery!

Lots of peat, everywhere.

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