samedi 2 août 2008

Loch Ness to Loch Claunie

We then cruised by Loch Ness, where we saw no evidence of the monster. It must have been hiding. The water was very dark and apparently Loch Ness is very deep, so the monster has plenty of places to hide!

Rain threatened. No surprise there. This is summer?There were plenty of fiberglass monsters on the roadside, photo ready.
Nessie attacks B.
Look out! Another Nessie!
We pressed west towards the Isle of Skye; en route stopping at Urquhart castle, which was extremely crowded and touristy. The crowds wore on my patience a bit.We drove by Loch Claunie as the clouds rolled in. We stopped for the night at this place. What a long day of driving it was. But the views were gorgeous.

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Suburban Gorgon a dit…

I never tried to drive over there, but I did see a chunk of Scotland on the back of someone's motorcycle, and I have to say, that was lovely indeed.