samedi 23 août 2008

Chamonix weekend continued

Here is B in downtown Chamonix.
And in front of Brasserie L'M, where we had dinner.
On our last day we decided to head up a téléphérique to see the view. We walked out to La Flégère, which heads up the north side of the valley.
From the top of La Flégère, you can then catch a ski lift to the top, which is called L'Index. Here is a view of the hills up there, from the ski lift.
We made it to Index. 2385 meters! The air was cool and clean, although it smelled like some mountain goats had recently passed by. Stinky!
This is what Index looked like.
Here was the view of the valley. Chamonix town can be seen far below.
Some people were taking off from there to do some paragliding.
It would have been a great hike to walk down to Chamonix from there, as many other people were doing. but we were pressed for time and had a train to catch, so we took the téléphérique back down and zipped over to the train station and took off.

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