mardi 26 juin 2007


I saw the doctor yesterday and he gave me prescriptions for various bandages, ointments, and painkillers, so I am feeling much better.

In thinking about what I need to take care of and replace in the coming weeks, I am going to list what-all was in my purse.
  • My wallet
  • Approx 50 euros in cash
  • Credit Lyonnais ATM card
  • Bank of America bankcard
  • Gym membership card
  • My Virginia driver's license
  • My French residency permit
  • Cell phone
  • Camera
  • A return ticket for the Lyon airport shuttle
  • The sunglasses that I got in Australia that I was quite fond of.
  • A cardigan that I also got in Australia.
  • A sugar lip balm that I cannot find in Europe.
  • Italy guidebook
That may be it. Fortunately, the biannual sales are starting, so I can at least go out and get a new purse and wallet. Maybe the cell phones go on sale too, I don't know.

4 commentaires:

Katherine a dit…

What a pain in the neck having to deal with replacing all those things.

On the flip side, it might be fun picking out a new phone. I noticed I was unable to find one without a camera when my phone broke a couple of months ago, so now I have a cell phone camera which I've never used.

Julia a dit…

I just got a new phone tonight. It has a camera on it -- I guess I will see if the picture quality is any good??

Katherine a dit…

I haven't even tried mine to see if it's any good. My guess is it's worse than the digital camera I already have, plus it costs something like 5 bucks to email the picture to an account whereas my camera is "free" in that it's already paid for, so I don't forsee using it except in exceptional circumstances where you need to take pics but didn't plan ahead to bring the camera (like say if a UFO landed on campus).

Anonyme a dit…

Julia - I am sorry I didn't see this sooner. So sorry to hear what happened to you. If you want to chat email me and let me know when is good for you. I am out tonight but in most of the week.
take care