mardi 19 juin 2007


Back in October, I went on a hike in the Beaujolais that had been organized by Lyon International. Zoe just gave me her pictures from that day, which is why it has taken me 6 months to post them!

Along the hike were Jon, Zoe, Ellie, Beate, Steve, Farhad and Farideh. We took a bus out, they dropped us off and announced we would be hiking 5 kilometers to the town of Charnay, which I recall was unfortunate to have not learned in advance, as I would have chosen better shoes. Nonetheless, it was a good hike, after which we had a picnic and tried some beaujolais at a local winery. It was a beautiful and relaxing day.

Here is some wine-related contraption. Along the route. The Beaujolais has many hiking trails, which are marked by signs like a little picture of a dinosaur. We also passed through a fig orchard and helped ourselves to the delicious figs.
When we got to Charnay the mayor gave us a little speech.Then we went down to the cave for wine, where Ellie was extremely popular.

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