jeudi 14 juin 2007

Boat ride along the Saône

Last week I went on a boat cruise along the Saône which was sponsored by Lyon International, a group here in town that has events to welcome foreigners to Lyon. Yes, there are actually French people who are interested in meeting and talking to foreigners! Inevitably, the French people that I speak to at these events tell me that they travelled in the US and felt that everyone was so welcoming, etc, that they just want to repay the kindness. Americans? Friendly and welcoming? Whaddaya know!

Here was our boat.Some Lyon scenes...
Here is a castle-like structure that I have been wondering about.And now the video.... the sound is mostly muffled but here and there you can test your French skills.

And another one...

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dan a dit…

Americans? Friendly and welcoming? Whaddaya know!

I guess they didn't make it to Brooklyn.