mercredi 2 mai 2007

Rainy days

I'm making the most of the Velo'v bike rental program these days. Since there was no metro yesterday, there really was nothing else to do than go for a bike ride. The destination was the Parc Miribel which has a loads of bike trails, along with a lake, a little beach and an outdoor restaurant/bar which is perfect for a break. It was making for a very relaxing Labor Day until on the way home there was a massive rainstorm; of course at the time we were 45 minutes away from home, with no public transportation to jump on. Oh well. Apparently the endless sunshine and heat of April have given way to cooler weather and evening rainstorms most days.

I also saw Spiderman 3 this weekend. Go Spidey! This picture of him in the rain seems appropriate.

My next houseguest is coming on Friday. Bienvenue, Susan! On Sunday we head to Greece for a week.

What I gleaned from New York magazine tonight-- which Liz gave me a subscription to for my birthday-- thanks, Liz! --was the existence of this website to promote Miranda July's new book. It is rather endearing.

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