dimanche 20 mai 2007

Lucky You

It has been a low-key week. Thursday was a holiday for Ascension day, so many people went out of town for a long weekend; work was very quiet. I'm getting geared up for an all-day meeting on Monday.

The other thing that happened this week was that Amir and Amy's jobs ended, and they returned to the US to start jobs at the U of Maryland. They will be Terps. I am bumming to not have Amir around to have coffee with every day.

I've seen 2 movies this week: the first was Zodiac, which I thought was pretty good. It has some good performances and featured a interesting assortment of 70's fashions.

Second, I saw Lucky You, which was just terrible! Wooden acting and dialogue. How did so many respectable actors get involved with that movie? I mean, Robert Duvall has an Oscar-- can't he be more choosy than that? The best part of that movie was Eric Bana's hairstyle, which deserves a best supporting actor award. The only other part of the movie that was interesting was hearing new poker terminology. They called the last card down "the river."

I'm heading up to Paris on Wednesday to rendez-vous with Pardis and Victoria, friends from the ISERP program at Columbia, who are each passing through. Pardis is on her way back from a trip to Iran; Victoria, I believe, is en route to a conference in Berlin. It will be nice to see them. We will be staying in the Marais at the Hotel du 7eme art.

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