mardi 15 mai 2007


The strangest thing happened today. There is a Italian guy at work called Andrea, whom I spoke to for the first time today because he enrolled in my French class. In the French class, today we had to describe our hometowns, and he told me he had been to Chapel Hill-- in fact, he had taken a year in the US in a little town called Wenatchee, and his host family there had a daughter who had gone to college at UNC. Good heavens! He knows Heather!

Worlds colliding!!!

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Katherine a dit…

Huh? He lived with Heather Primm's family in Wenatchee??

That is weird.

Anonyme a dit…

Julia, great story. In 1994 when I first moved to S.F., my roommate and I, who were recent BU grads, decided (naively) to take a little bus ride out to Ocean Beach. When we got there, it was deserted, because as most locals know, it's FREEZING there 95% of the time. Down the beach, we spotted a few people shivering on a blanket. As we approached, I realized that they looked familiar. They turned out to be people we knew from BU! I guess we were the token East Coast transplants who were dumb enough to try to hang out on Ocean Beach in the wrong season.

Anonyme a dit…

sorry - my anonymous comment is from Laurel :)

Suburban Gorgon a dit…

And, using my name on teh Internets allowed me to find this! Hilarious. Tell Andrea hi - I just asked Mom the other day if she ever heard from him anymore.

And yes. Sometimes I google my maiden name. So what? :-> That's how I found you. Hi, Julia!