mardi 1 mai 2007

Utrecht, anyone?

Yesterday was Queen's Day in the Netherlands, so Amir and I went with Frank to the Amsterdam Pub to celebrate. Queen's Day celebrates the queen mother's birthday, and it is a national holiday there. Tradition dictates that one must wear an orange shirt and drink beer. Orange is the color of the Dutch royal family-- I didn't even know until yesterday that the Netherlands had a royal family!

Frank told us all last week that his apartment in Utrecht will be free for the month of June, so if any of us want to visit the Netherlands they can use it. Utrecht is a college town about 20 minutes outside of Amsterdam on the train. Having never been to the Netherlands before, I may take him up on it. Here is my chance to check out some de Stijl art and architecture, which Tim and I studied in our modern design class at UNC. Tim, I wish we could take a field trip there together!

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