samedi 5 mai 2007

Susan's visit

Susan arrived on Friday. Bienvenue! She already seems to have conquered the jet lag. I am impressed. We've eaten some real frenchy food: moules-frites for dinner last night, a croissant for breakfast, coq au vin for lunch today, salade de chevre chaud, salade lyonnaise, and boeuf for dinner. As usual, eating out is meat-o-rama around here. I was lucky to see a stray carrot on my plate tonight.

Today we rented a car and went for a drive in the Beaujolais. We used my guidebook, Drives in the Rhone Valley, which I found just a smidgen vague in the driving directions department. It pretty much looked like this, with hills, vineyards, and little towns as far as the eye could see in every direction, with windy roads veering every which way. We drove in circles for about an hour and then were able to get on track.The grapes are still very tiny!

We drove to the top of this hill to look at this chapel, which was called La Madone. It is just outside the town of Fleurie.The view from the chapel.
It was rather windy up on top of the hills.I liked the lettering on this boulangerie so I took a picture.Our last stop was the town of Oignt-- I decided it must be pronounced like WAH but I am not entirely sure. WAH turned out to be a nice little town with a friendly cave where we bought some beaujolais. It is in an area known for its golden stones. Here is a pic of the buildings there. WAH! WAH! Here is another shot which shows the color of the stones.

Tomorrow we leave for Greece for a week!

2 commentaires:

Katherine a dit…

Have fun in Greece!

Was Oignt named for its pigs?

Julia a dit…

As a matter of fact, in French children's books, the noise that pigs make is "groin, groin."