dimanche 20 mai 2007

You can't always get what you want

Tonight I am having a dinner party. I plan to make quiche with asparagus, salade, and have bread and cheese and a little tarte for dessert, which I picked up at the place across the street. Bon appetit!

I went to a nearby English pub yesterday, the Wallace, to watch the Manchester United-Chelsea football match. The Wallace seems to be the unofficial IARC pub; there is always someone there from IARC. Yesterday it was Paul Brennan and this guy from the IT department. Chelsea slipped past Man Uni with a goal in the final minutes of overtime, which they called 'Extra Time'. I was a little disappointed because I was hoping to see a sudden death win in penalty kicks, but Jon said to get used to it because football is all about not getting what you want.

I also went to see Bloc Party play last week. They were OK but nothing special.

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Leah a dit…

Hey! Where are you? I need some more blogging action! Need to know what you've been up to!