dimanche 29 juin 2008

Goodbye Croatia

Our next-to-last day, we drove along the Korcula peninsula to the end, and the town of Vela Luka. The Lonely Planet guidebook pooh-poohed Vela Luka, but I thought it was awfully nice. I think I could easily kick around there for a few days, taking boats out to nearby islands for swimming. Unfortunately, we only had a couple of hours there, and this was the only picture I took of the place.
Here are some pictures we took along the Korcula peninsula, which is rocky and hilly and has vineyards and olive groves.
The peninsula is fairly long-- it took an hour or two to drive across, along curvy winding roads. Melinda had bought some lavender sachets in a local market, and amusingly, bees kept flying into the car every time we had the windows open. I think they could sniff them out!
People piled the rocks up along the hillsides to make "steps" that I guess are easier for planting.
We stopped to look at this tiny church, which was surrounded by an old graveyard.
We stayed our last night in Ston. This is a street in the downtown area. Back on the mainland, we drove along the coast south to the airport.
Here is our petite rental car.
Adieu beautiful Croatia!

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