jeudi 3 juillet 2008


I was excited to hear the news of the capture of Ingrid Betancourt, the 3 Americans, and the 11 other hostages freed by the Colombian government. The Colombian army tricked rebels by dressing as other rebels who were supposed to transport hostages. What an amazing operation. It astounds me that there are people who have been held by FARC for upwards of a decade!

The only sadness is that an additional 600 people are still hostages of the FARC. However, the FARC appears to have been in disarray of late, with the deaths of the leader, Manuel Marulanda, and several other leading figures, and the infiltrating by government intelligence. Nonetheless, it is still a fairly large group.

Congrats to President Uribe!

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Neraida a dit…

Knock-knock? Hey there! Nice blog and very nice pictures!
Friendly regards from Paris.

Fripouille69 a dit…

Very cool blog, and I'll be back. I too live and blog in Lyon...
Your trip sounds (reads?) great.