vendredi 13 juin 2008

Walking the city walls

The second day we walked the walls of the old city, which is probably the #1 tourist thing to do in Dubrovnik. I gotta say, Dubrovnik was extremely touristy. There were crowds all over the old city, and lots and lots of Americans. Let me just say, the secret is out. It has been discovered! And it isn't only young people, but older tourists seem to be all about it. There were boatloads of retirees stopping off in the middle of their grand tour. And I do mean boatloads-- it seems to be a stop along the Mediterranean cruise line route, so hordes were descending on the old city every day.

So we fought the crowds along the wall...

This is a picture of the main street of the old city, the Stradun.

The sun finally came out!
We climbed up some steps and looked back for the picture. Note the crowds behind us.
One of the offshore islands.

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