vendredi 13 juin 2008

Wandering Dubrovnik

Here are some shots I took as Melinda and I walked around the city of Dubrovnik.
Its a walled city: see below!
We stayed in an apartment along this little alley. Our place was the door to the left.
Parts of Dubrovnik are very steep. we walked up the staircases to check out the view.
Stopping for a coffee...
This cafe on the right had good coffee and flavored brandies. We made a point to try that Baltic speciality. Brandies were often homemade, and thus varied considerably in quality. Some were like rubbing alcohol, while others slipped smoothly down the throat. The place below had various flavors: fig, orange, lemon, plum, and the most common one, herb.
The streets of Dubrovnik are lined with marble. Beautiful, but a bit slippery in the rain!

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bangbang a dit…

amazing pictures,
where r u from?