vendredi 27 juin 2008


The building below was on the dividing line between the Croat and Bosnian parts of town.

One of the most famous sights of Mostar was the old bridge, where men dive off in order to prove to their wives what real men they are. These days, guys from the old bridge jumpers association hang out in their swim trunks and try to get donations from tourists for jumping. The bridge is visible in the picture below on the left.
The tour we took brought us to the old city mosque, which to my surprise, we could go into. The paintings on the walls represent local bounty, which in this case was grape vines.
The river was an amazing blue.
We also took a tour of a Turkish house. Turkey occupied Bosnia for hundreds of years. This is the courtyard of the Turkish house.
Here, Melinda got to dress up in the traditional Turkish wife's costume!
After the touring we stopped for lunch.
Kickin' it Bosnian style. Another round of pivo!
This was the view of the river from the restaurant-- fig trees in the foreground. Such a beautiful country!
Then it started to rain...

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