lundi 16 avril 2007

Movies and concerts

Tonight I went to see Midlake perform. It was a good show! According to Jon, they occupy the terrain where Pavement meets Fleetwood Mac. I had bought the tix weeks ago, otherwise I might have just stayed home and tended to my cold.

To answer K's question.... most foreign movies are dubbed, but there is usually a smattering of showings of the "Version Originale" at a handful of art-house theaters. It seems strange to me that France dubs its movies, because they simultaneously celebrate the artistry of movies and give a lot of attention to movie directors, whose work, it seems to me, is obviously best appreciated in the original. It doesn't really make any sense. Anyhow, the US movies that make it here and are shown in V.O. are usually independent movies, so I have seen a lot o' artsy flicks this year. I've seen Bobby, Children of Men, Little Miss Sunshine, Borat, Babel, The Good German, the Departed... I've been lazy and haven't gone to see an all in-French movie, although I did watch Volver the other day with French subtitles. I was following OK until the big secret was revealed, which unfortunately I couldn't get... I had to google it later!

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