jeudi 26 avril 2007

Its Ségo-Sarko

For all of you who flipped past the international news in the paper, or who changed the radio station when the news came on: it is official. Ségolène Royal, the Socialist candidate, will face Nicolas Sarkozy, the right-wing candidate, in the runoff, which is on May 6th, I believe. Although François Bayrou isn't exactly hurting either, because both sides will be courting him for his supporters; and whoever wins will probably need to collaborate with him to form the government. I am a little unclear on when the person takes over, but my French teacher says that once the final is over, all they do is form a new government, which can be done in a matter of weeks, and then they assume the office. It all seems pretty quick.

In other news, the newspaper said yesterday that this April was the hottest ever on record in Lyon, ever since they began keeping records in 1922. Whew! Hopefully this summer will not be too much of a roaster.

2 commentaires:

Katherine a dit…

How hot is "hot"? The Bee has Paris weather but not Lyon.

Julia a dit…

It is pretty much the same as the weather in Paris. This month it has been in the 60's and 70's most afternoons, while you still need a jacket at night.