samedi 11 octobre 2008


After arriving in Munich we wandered towards the Residenz area, passing Odeonplatz, the site where Hitler attempted his revolt, the one that got him in jail, where he wrote Mein Kampf. There was a street fair there and we watched some performers. We spent a couple days in Munich, and the entire time the weather stunk. Rain, rain, rain. So we spent our time in cafes and beer halls.Here is one bier hall where we had dinner. As I recall, B had a 'sausage salad.' Only in Germany can you make a salad out of different types of sausages.We also went over to the Alte Pinochek and saw some works of one of my favorite German artists, Caspar David Friedrich.

Here is a picture of the Rathaus (city hall), I believe. When we were walking by, the Rathaus had its occasional showing of the little figurines dancing. This was a tradition created by merchants to celebrate the city being freed from the plague.

We wandered around on the last day. Here we are by the main shopping street.And in the market.We also walked down to the river.

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