mercredi 8 octobre 2008

Even more Budapest

By European standards things were pretty cheap. We stayed at the Vadvirag Panzio hotel up in the leafy hills of Buda. For our lunches we would stop at small places downtown and order at the counter like everyone else. The first day we had schnitzel and salad with yogurt; the second day, pork cutlet and cabbage soup. Nothing flashy, just a straightforward lunch for 4 euros a pop.

One of the days, we went up to the palace district, which is high on a hill in Buda, to look around at the museums there. Here is the wall of the old castle.Yet another gorgeous fountain.
We checked out the labyrinth below the castle, which was dank and wet. They had set up some fake wine fountain in it, below.
It turned out that there was a wine festival going on on the palace grounds, so we stuck around and sampled some Hungarian wines.
Here is B with some tickets to try the wines. There was some traditional Hungarian dancing, in all of its knee-slapping glory.
I had been wanting to sample some Hungarian pastries since frequenting the Hungarian Pastry Shop in NY, which is near Columbia. I loved those fanciful multi-layered treats! So later that week we had a fancy coffee and pastry at Lucas Cukraszda, which was yummy.

Our last night we had some drinks at some Miami Beach-esque square off of Almassy St, then had more drinks and dinner-- I had Hungarian stew and dumplings. The next day we took off early and went to Vienna.

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