lundi 13 octobre 2008


We blew through Dresden in a flash, taking it in long enough to soak up some of the beautiful skyline. It was pretty much firebombed to bits during WWII, but much has been painstakingly rebuilt, and since reunification, the train station was redone and an excellent tram system was put in (one of the best we saw in Germany, which is saying a lot).

Here are some of the many gorgeous buildings there.

The Frauenkirche was badly damaged in WWII and was left in ruins for years. But, after reunification there was a call to rebuild it. I wondered if the darker colored stones were pieces of the original. Supposedly inside there is an altar inside made of thousands of shards of the original one (we couldn't go in to see it because there was a service).
Martin Luther. Of course.We went to check out the famous Zwinger building, which is an old baroque palace. This is its courtyard.We walked along the roof of the Zwinger.

This picture represents pretty much every meal we ate in Germany.
Before leaving town B bought his fave treat, roasted nuts.

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