mercredi 15 octobre 2008


Our last stop of this extended trip was Berlin. Such a great city!

One of my fave things in Berlin is the old East German street-crossing signs, which are way, way cuter than the old West German ones. People love them so much that they sell replicas as souvenirs.
We went over to Checkpoint Charlie, and went to the museum there, which is a cluttered collection of cold war memorabilia. It showed the various ways that people tried to escape out of East Germany, which pretty much were any way possible. It also showed the gruesome lengths by which the Russians/East Germans tried to stop them.
One of the things that we did was take a walking tour, which was sketched out in the guidebook. The tour went by this square, where there was a rally against the war in Afghanistan. What, is rallying against Iraq passé?This was a square where Hitler held a book burning rally.
This park is the Lustgarden, which is in front of the Berlin cathedral (on left). The ugly towers behind are what remains of the Palast der Republik, the East German parliament, which is now being dismantled.
Oktoberfest started the weekend we were there!
At the end of our walking tour, in front of the city hall, there was a big Löwenbräu tent. "Here's to good friends...."
Inside the tent we had enormous beers and pretzels, while a band played traditional German drinking songs.B got in trouble with our waitress because, instead of waiting to be served, he went up to a line and got us our beers there. How easy it is in Germany to break some rule you didn't know existed in the first place. The waitress lectured us and then punished us by ignoring us and not bringing our order.

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