lundi 28 juillet 2008


As the rainclouds moved in, we pressed on to Stirling. It never actually rained that day, but it certainly looked like it was going to. Different buildings at Stirling castle were built at different times, so they look quite distinct.

This building made of lighter stone is the great hall, built in the early 1500s by James IV. According to our tour guide, it was pretty much designed to keep all of his courtiers in awe of him. Inside the room, the king and queen spent their time on a raised dais so as to always be 6 inches higher than everyone else.
They did have a great view of the surrounding area. In Europe, to ascend a hill is to find a castle or church.
The statue outside the castle is of Robert the Bruce, ever keeping watch in case those naughty English come back.

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Leah McDonald a dit…

I'm still loving reading of all your travels. Looks like you guys have made the most of the nice summer weather!