mardi 29 juillet 2008

Wallace monument

The next day we woke up and headed over to the Wallace monument, a serious trek uphill. They built the monument at the highest point overlooking the site of the battle of Stirling Bridge, where in 1297, William Wallace's outnumbered Scots defeated the English army. Wallace was later caught by the English, hung until partially suffocated, disemboweled, decapitated, drawn and quartered, and differing pieces of his body were sent to different Scottish towns, to put on display, in case the message wasn't clear yet.

Here is the monument, from the bottom of the hill.
Here is Wallace himself, ready to leap out and kick the English army to the kerb. Inside the monument was his sword, which was very large; he must have been quite tall and strong.
It was extremely windy up there.

Below the monument you can see the battle site at the Forth river. The Forth traditionally separates the lowlands from the highlands.

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