lundi 29 octobre 2007


If Philly has a citywide saying, it must be, "You gotta be kidding me." Not only did I hear Michelle say it multiple times-- or her version, "Are you kidding me??" --I then heard 3 other people saying it as well, when I was at the Philly airport and our pilot announced the plane couldn´t take off yet and that we had to sit on the tarmac for an hour, due to some nonessential thing that needed fixing.

Michelle seems good and it was great to see her this weekend. I must admit that she and I could not have a less eventful visit. I was so jet lagged that every night I fell asleep earlier than her 3 year old, Owen. Our one big night out, we got all dressed up to head to a surprise party for her friend at the Mummer's Museum, and we got there and she looked around and realized she knew no one there. It turned out she got the night wrong. But, we had a good laugh about it and went out for milkshakes instead.

We also took Owen to the Please Touch museum. I'll post those pictures later.

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