lundi 29 octobre 2007


I made it to rainy Copenhagen, where I have spent the day gazing at objects of Danish modern design. Those clean lines, those blond woods, it is all just so very agreeable to the eye, isn't it?

Today I went to the Danish design museum and checked out the current exhibition, which featured a bunch of crazily designed lamps. Katherine may be interested to hear that one of the items in their permanent collection was playmobil guys, which apparently were designed by some Danish guy in 1974. I think the Danes can also claim credit for the invention of legos. You have to give them points for that.

Speaking of Danish design, here is a pic of the Danish krone, a particularly fanciful seeming currancy. What can you say about bright orange bills with serpants on them? It just doesn't feel like real cash is being spent. Plus the conversion, which is around 7.5 kroner to the euro, is not one that my brain whips through instantaneously. Hello, why aren't they just using euros anyway? Why can't they get with the program?

Tomorrow I may head up to Helsingør castle, better known in English as Elsinore, the castle in Hamlet. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark, and I intend to see it!

3 commentaires:

Leah McDonald a dit…

Sounds like the 12 day whirlwind tour is going well! Post some pics of the hamlet castle!

Katherine a dit…

I think the first Legoland is in Denmark. There is one in San Diego now too. We know a lot of people who have been there.

Julia a dit…

Yeah, I heard about that Legoland but I figured there was no point in going sans children!