jeudi 11 octobre 2007


Recently I got a surprising email...

"We have received your application for a faculty position (rank to be determined by qualifications and experience) in the Department of Health Studies.
Federal regulations require the University of Chicago to request sex and race/ethnicity information from all job applicants. We request that you voluntarily provide us with your name, sex, and race/ethnicity by creating and saving an academic profile online at
Whether or not you choose to provide us with this information will have no bearing on the handling or consideration of your application.
If you have questions concerning our Equal Employment Opportunity policy or its application, contact Employment Services at 773-702-8903 or Aneesah Ali, Associate Provost and Affirmative Action Officer at 773-702-5671.
Thank you for your interest in the University of Chicago."

This email is particularly surprising given that I have never applied for any job, ever, at the U of Chicago. However, I did once walk around the grounds for half an hour.

My suspicion is that my Columbia advisor Habib, who took a job there a year ago. is responsible. I did send him my CV recently. Oh well. I guess it would be nice if they flew me there for an interview. I could visit Karin and Sean!

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