jeudi 4 octobre 2007

Even more online time

This week Janine convinced me to sign up for facebook so that I could eyeball the profile of her ex-boyfriend. But then I couldn't even see it anyway because you have to be someone's "friend" to see their profile. So silly! You can see the random profiles of strangers, but not those of friends of friends.

I suppose these online networking are really for 18-year olds who want to hear about the next rally down at the student union. Which I guess makes me a late adopter. However, there I was surfing through the UNC alumni network, and I learned that one of my ex-boyfriends is now an assistant professor at the U of Georgia. Strange but true.

3 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

It's actually caught on a ton with the late 20's/early 30 age group over the past few months - I too had been resisting joining it because I figured it was just for college students, but now I'm addicted and a ton of my favorite expat-in-France bloggers are on there, so it's been really fun.

Katherine a dit…

Which one?

Julia a dit…

That would be eric houck, who is in the education department.