lundi 9 juillet 2007

Tour de France

The Tour de France started this week, although for some reason it is acting all expat and has hardly been in France at all so far. The bicyclists went from Londres to Canterbury and aujourd'hui are zipping around Belgique. I guess the Tour is pro-Europe (unlike Sarkozy).

Right now some dude named Fabian Cancellara is in the lead, although it really just started.

It is interesting to see that they are going to Tignes and Val d'Isere, where I went snowboarding earlier this year. That is some steep terrain.

I thought it would be cool to see, although I guess they are not coming so close to here. Julien said he went to see it once and all of the bicyclists zip by so quickly you can hardly see them.

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Katherine a dit…

Bummer they are not coming to Lyon. If it's anything like the Tour of California, your friend is right - we waited and waited and then they all went by in a pack in about 30 seconds. Still, it would be cool to see.

We got your package yesterday for Owen - thanks.