lundi 16 juillet 2007


Last week I went with a group of women from work, Elisabeth, Silvia, Kasia, Mari, and Stephanie, down to the town of Vienne to see the jazz festival. It was Latin jazz night, and the headliner was Chucho Valdez, with Maraca Salsa as the opener.

It was a great show. Chucho Valdez is a total professional. He walked out, gave the audience a wave and then sat down to wow us all on the piano. Maraca Salsa was infectious dance-y music. In the picture here, Maraca Salsa is on stage. The head on the lower right of the photo is Stephanie's.

The show took place in Vienne's Roman amphitheater, and we had a great view of the sunset. Those Romans knew their acoustics. Unfortunately the Romans weren't so into assigned seating, and we arrived late so we couldn't all sit together. But several of us just went down to the front and danced anyhow.

Here is a pic of Chucho all lit up like a ghost by the lights.

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