vendredi 21 mars 2008


My friend Janine moved to Stockholm for a few months, and despite that it was early March, I jumped on the chance for a visit, a free place to stay, and a personal guide to the sights of Sweden. It was chilly! Most days just above freezing, below freezing at night. I bundled up and did my best. However, no snow.

That was one crazy language!On the first day I took a walking tour through the old town. The bridge ahead passes by the parliament building and into Gamla Stan, the old town.The view from the bridge. Stockholm is a city of islands. We were constantly crossing over bridges to get to some new neighborhood or sight to see.
Here is the parliament, I think???
Here is Stockholm's pretty old cathedral, Storkyrkan, which was built in the 13th century.
It looked very different inside than other European cathedrals. It was built of brick, for one; it also had elaborate crypts all over the place, and some beautiful old painting on the ceiling. I am continuing my obsession with the old paint jobs in churches.
Here is another example of a fading painted mural, which was also in the church.

A street shot of Gamla Stan. To the right was the Nobel museum, which I decided to skip. What can I say, I've already seen An Inconvenient Truth.
Gamla Stan.

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